Boston Knee Party – my visit to the ConforMIS knee manufacturing plant

I was invited to visit the ConforMIS knee manufacturing plant to see the process for taking a CT scan and turning it into a custom knee – with all the specialty jigs made just for one knee.  Fascinating!

I will let these videos speak for them selves.  There  are several videos – take the tour!

I was a little nervous for this tour, after all, I was going to meet my baby knee!

Just arriving at ConforMIS… Let the “Boston Knee Party” begin!#ConforMIS #HealthyKneesCoach #NewKnee

Posted by Healthy Knees on Monday, November 6, 2017

Before going in the factory, we had an on screen presentation of the process.

Here we go into the manufacturing plant…


Then back to the CAD designers who were responsible for taking the 2-D CT scans and turning them into 3-D parts.  I think this was my favorite part of the tour – they worked in pairs so that there was a double check on the designs.  I don’t think they’d ever had the chance to meet a patient before the surgery.  I wanted them to know that they aren’t just creating a part, they are changing a life in a very drastic way.  After a lifetime (since I was 10) of pain, the thought of no pain is almost inconceivable – and these fine engineers are making this happen.  #gratitude


And now a visit to the headquarters to meet with the Marketing Team for lunch.  They brought out a case of knees so that I could see the differences in the custom work.  This was truly outstanding and easy to see that each knee is unique!  I am most impressed that there is no “overhang” or “underhang” as can be found with “off the shelf” knees which potentially causes functional issues.  Nope, not with ConforMIS because the knee is molded to exactly fit your knee and no one elses.  Why wouldn’t everyone want a custom knee?



THANK YOU ConforMIS for inviting me to visit your facility. Outstanding work and attention to detail, testing of EVERY knee for conformance to the specs (off the shelf knees only test a selected few from the batch), and such welcoming atmosphere to everyone I met. Had a chance to say hello to CEO Phillip Lang.







  • Robin, I am so impressed with your story and your journey. Thank you so much for all your posts and education for the public to benefit by. I am right now two weeks post op from my minimally invasive TKR, which i had done in Kirkland at Evergreen Hospital. I surely wish I had known about you before I went down this road. Not that I am unhappy. I think everything is going really well…..compared to my other friends who’ve had conventional TKRs.
    My friend, Susan Guttzeit turned me on to your blog, etc.
    I would just love to meet you sometime, if you’re up for that.
    In my earlier life, I was a professional modern dancer, deep tissue body worker, movement educator, spinal alignment educator, personal trainer. I’ve always liked to stay on the cutting edge of medical technology, especially as it relates to bones, joints and muscles.
    Can I take you out to coffee sometime in the New Year just to chat? I know you’re super busy, so i won’t be offended if you can’t make it. I could just come to your gym, if you like.
    Oh, BTW, my favorite way to stay fit has been riding my mountain bike along the beach at my home in Birch Bay, but the last year I’ve only been able to do half my ride at half the power. So that’s another reason i’d Love to meet you and see if there’s a good way for me to participate in some of your teachings.
    Happy Holidays,

    • Robin Robertson says:

      Thank you for your kind words! I’d love to meet you and get together for a coffee and chat about knees, fitness, health. So we are about the same on our recovery path. January may be a good time for you to start the Healthy Knees Cycling program – (it runs every 8 weeks, next start is January 2) or if that is too soon, then the one that starts at the end of February for sure. Feel free to stop by the Club anytime – I am returning to work 1/2 time mornings now. – We’ll see how that goes – I look forward to meeting you!

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