Week 4 Post Op Knee Replacement – a plateau

By all measures, me and my knee are coming along.  My biggest challenge this week is that I’m returning to more of a regular pattern of life and am finding it a challenge to include my Physical Therapy more than once a day.

I’ve been able to add in weight bearing strength training this week and boost my cycling to 15 minutes.  (Woo hoo!)

I feel like I’ve hit a plateau as I’ve not been able to increase my range of motion (now at 0 – 120 degrees).  I will be patient – I know it takes time.  Adding in the strength moves makes up for some of this.  By all counts my physical therapist (Tory Lingbloom) says I’m ahead of the curve and doing well.

Check out some of my moves here:

Here are the moves I’ve added this week:

  • Increase cycle to 15 minutes
  • Add 6″ step ups forward and lateral (I actually went to 8″ because that’s how tall the steps are at my house and it felt fine)
  • Glute Bridges with march
  • Monster Walk (without band)

The reality?  My energy is still low – I get exhausted by the afternoon and look forward to lying on the couch with my leg boosted on pillows and two bags of frozen peas anchored to my leg with an ace bandage.

Recovery takes patience for the impatient patient!



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