Week 9 Post op – Who’s the BOSS? (surprise!)

Yes, it was another PT smackdown.

With the swelling from overdoing it last week, I’d lost a little in my range of motion and my physical therapist was not happy about it.

When Ted (Ted Molasky, my physical therapist at Fyzical Therapy and Balance Center) asked me who was the BOSS, what did you think I’d say?

You’ll have to watch the video for my answer – and to find out who the boss REALLY is…


So, I was a good student, backed off ALL of my strength training except for the move that I show you in the video (above).

And do you know what?  My knee started feeling better!  Imagine that!
In fact, I felt so good, that I got on my bike and rode outside for the FIRST TIME since my knee replacement surgery.

Check out how my first outdoor bike ride felt in this next video…

My Lesson Learned?  Your KNEE is the Boss!

If you pay attention to your knee, listen to what it is telling you by how it feels and if it is swollen, you’ll have good guidance over what is enough and what is too much.  Work on reducing inflammation and increasing range of motion before stressing with strength training.  If you overdo it…back off for a few days and reduce inflammation.  Ice is your friend.

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