2 Minute Stretch to Increase Range of Motion

Want to increase your knee range of motion (or flexibility in general?). Me too! Years ago I was given this advice (and it works): if you want to increase your flexibility, hold the stretch for 2 minutes.


It is such a short time in your day, but a long time to hold a stretch! (unless you are waiting for toast.) Well, that’s what I do. Every morning, I put my bread in the toaster and while it is getting all browned and yummy, I am doing my knee range of motion stretch. YOU CAN TOO!

Here is a quick video showing how it is done. I’ve tried lots of different ways to hold my leg for this stretch and I really like just setting my foot on the chair and pushing away from the wall. Having some way to increase the intensity of the stretch is key to making the gains you want.

Remember, there should be no PAIN, only tension. If you have pain, please see your medical professional.

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