FREE Healthy Knees 5 Week Mini Workshop (it’s about more than just your knees) Week #2 – Your powerhouse quads

You knew we’d get to the quads! The quadricep muscles are the four muscles in the front of your thigh that are your leg’s anterior (front of leg) powerhouse. They are responsible (primarily) for straightening your leg at the knee.

If you are sitting down, try that right now. Put your hand on the top of your thigh and lift your lower leg to straighten your leg. You’ll feel your quadriceps get tight! Strong quadriceps are incredibly important for good knee health. So don’t delay, watch the video and start doing these simple moves at home!

In the video below, you’ll see:

  1. Quadriceps Activation
  2. Quad Exercise – the beginning
  3. Balance Challenge

Want more ideas on how to reduce your knee pain and feel stronger?

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Wishing you healthy & happy knees,

Coach Robin

PS – Next week is mini workshop #3 – on your butt (glutes!) and hamstrings – your posterior powerhouse!

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