About Healthy Knees Coach

Healthy Knees Coach was founded out of a clear need to help others with knee, hip, or ankle pain, to give hope that there is a way to reduce pain, increase activity, and to provide fitness professionals with the method and training to do so. In 2014, Robin was inspired by her orthopedic surgeon who said “If it weren’t for cycling, you would have had your knee replaced 10 years ago” which inspired her to write the book Healthy Knees Cycling.  The response was so positive that she was encouraged to launch Healthy Knees Coach to help other learn the secrets to reducing pain and living an active life.

Robin Robertson

Founder and President

FounderFounder Robin Robertson knows all about knee pain. She was born with mis-shaped cartilage in both of her knees which caused pain and mechanical issues. She had her first knee surgery at the young age of 13 and was told to exercise as tolerated by pain. Robin persevered and became a recreational skier and competitive runner. At age 24, just before the start of her final track season in college, she had her second knee surgery and received the crushing news that if she wanted to walk at age 30, she needed to stop all impact sports because of the advanced arthritis in her knee. Not being one to take “NO” for an answer, Robin turned to cycling and found a way to stay active that was good for her knees.

In the span of 30 years, Robin has ridden over 50,000 miles, around the world, has been coached and coaches others. Robin has had a total of eight knee surgeries and still, against all odds, has her own knees. Her orthopedic surgeon recently told her that if it weren’t for cycling and staying light weight, she would have had her knees replaced 10 years ago. Robin is a dedicated fitness professional bringing hope to others that, in spite of physical challenges, there is a fun way to stay active and healthy.

  • Author “Healthy Knees Cycling” Amazon #1 Best Seller in 5 countries (US, Canada, UK, Denmark, Australia)
  • Owns and manages Bellingham Tennis Club & Fairhaven Fitness (since 2000)
  • Developed Cycle Moles and Healthy Knees Indoor Cycling programs since 2008
  • Finalist, Whatcom Professional Business Woman of the Year 2008
  • ACE Personal Trainer and Certified in numerous methods of indoor cycling instruction
  • USA Cycling Certified Level 2 Coach
  • 8 Knee surgeries (6 on left, 2 on right) and plenty of injections (cortisone, PRP)
  • Road Racing for Team Fanatik: Washington State “Best All Around Road Rider” 1st (2008) & 2nd (2009)place (Masters B Division)
  • Mountain Bike Racing for Jack’s Bicycle Team (2011) competed in the grueling Leadville 100 race, among others
  • Round the world 5,000+ mile self-supported bicycle trip with her husband through 15 countries (1990)
  • Riding a bike for fun! Commuting, adventure touring, grocery shopping, and so much more…