The Healthy Knees Coach certification takes a completely different approach to cycling than nearly all other certifications. We have developed the program to be attentive to the specific needs of those who have knee, hip, or ankle issues. The method for the training and the coaching aspect brings an entirely new level of service to the indoor cycling experience making it accessible to those who, perhaps, have never even cycled before. The Healthy Knees method is not a program that modifies activity, but is a program meant to start at a scalable level for success for all of your clients, no matter their experience level. The HKC training is not only beneficial for your current cycling programs, but also gives you the opportunity to add an entirely new revenue stream with a focus on Healthy Knees Cycling programs.

YES. Other accreditations offer a good foundation for skills that the HKC will build upon. However, the HKC training will widen your skills to help all of your cyclists for better bike fit and body position, and in particular will provide you with the depth of knowledge to raise your status to the “go-to knee expert” to help those with knee, hip, or ankle issues. The HKC Cycling Specialist Certification will qualify you for the “done for you” 5 Week and 11 Week programs.

The methods for interview, bike fit, body position, and program dynamics are beneficial for every cyclist and were developed through years of indoor and outdoor training, racing, and riding. One of every two people are likely to have knee issues at some point in their life. The techniques you learn with the HKC should be used with all cyclists to help them stay healthy and keep their hips, knees, and ankles in top shape. No one wants to have a knee injury and this certification will help you set your clients up for stronger, healthier joints.

All cyclists, no matter what their age, benefit by the HKC method. It is designed for optimal cycling position and development of strength and stamina. Four levels of programming will offer a place for every kind of cyclist you have, from the individual who has been inactive because of joint pain to the avid cyclist preparing for charity rides, a century event, or competitive cycling.

You will have indefinite access to the educational modules. The exam must be successfully completed within 6 months from the date of certification program purchase.

You have 3 attempts to pass the test. A score of 80% or greater is required to pass. The questions are randomly drawn from a question pool so each test is slightly different.

The Healthy Knees Coach Cycling Specialist Certification is pending for CEU credits from ACE, NFPT, AFAA and ACSM. Applications are currently being prepared to obtain CEU’s from other organizations as well. Please let us know if you have a recommendation for us.

The Cycling Specialist is the complete educational program with a full length Certification Exam. It gives you the working knowledge to apply coaching techniques with qualification to access the Healthy Knees training programs. The Certificate provides an introduction to the basic elements in Healthy Knees training.

This is only indoor cycling program that specifically addresses the needs of those who have knee, hip, and ankle issues – which is about 50% of the adult population. You are probably already working with clients who can’t jump or can’t run because of their joint pain. This training gives you the expertise to provide your clients with a method to feel better and get stronger without risk of further injury.

This is an introductory price that will not last long. The typical cost is $299-$399.

Live workshops will be held throughout the year at difference conferences and at one-day stand alone events. Live workshops are not necessary to obtain the certification but we understand some people prefer to learn live and in person. Please check our workshop calendar regularly as we add new dates frequently.

YES, passing the Cycling Specialist exam gives you access to the forms and worksheets mentioned in the training modules. Forms and worksheets can be personalized to include your facility’s logo and information.   As a certified Cycling Specialist, you will qualify for the special offers with the bike fit tools and 5-week (Levels 1 & 2) and 11-week (Levels 3 & 4) revenue generating Healthy Knees Training Programs.

Yes, in order to take the HKC exams you must verify that you have a current CPR or Basic Life Support certification from the American Heart Association, Red Cross, or another organization. You will also be asked to state when your certification expires.

The only pre-requisite is a current CPR or Basic Life Support certification from the American Heart Association, Red Cross, or another organization. We highly recommend that you also have Personal Trainer certification or a degree in the field, but it is not required.

The HKC online training is available worldwide. The principles of Healthy Knees Coach for cycling apply across cultures around the globe. Knee, hip, and ankle issues are not limited to one geographic area! We plan to certify trainers around the world and offer live workshops and learning opportunities globally.