Travel.  Bicycles. USA.  LEG #1 STARTS JUNE 18, 2017.

It’s a bucket list item for sure…our idea of bicycle touring quickly morphed into an epic journey to ride our bikes from Bellingham to the farthest point away in the continental US.  And so it began – the mapping of our “Ride C2C” journey from corner to corner, coast to coast, Bellingham to Key West.  Self-supported, self-guided.

Since we can’t just take 4 months off, we had to plan this trip in “4-week legs” – we will ride as far as we get in 4 weeks and then, the following summer, start at that point to begin the next leg, every summer until we dip our tires into the Atlantic ocean.

I’ll write a blog so you can keep track of our mis-adventures … come on along and take a peek at our ride across the country.

Here’s our Ride C2C Blog:


And then we realized this epic journey deserved an epic goal:  to raise $10,000 to help others. 

If you like what we are doing, are glad you won’t be on a bike for four weeks, want to live vicariously through our travels, or simply think we are crazy, I hope you’ll donate to one of our three organizations in whose work we strongly believe.


#1  Whatcom Community Foundation (local)

Why?  It’s local and we absolutely LOVE where we live.  We want to support the good people who do good work in our home county to help keep it the most beautiful place on earth.  Their programs help connect people, ideas, resources, and opportunities for greater impact.


#2  Arthritis Foundation (national)

Why?  Robin has had a total of 10 knee surgeries and severe osteo-arthritis in both knees.  She still has her “own” knees and cycling is what keeps them healthy.  We’d love to help find a cure for Arthritis.  This ride will be the ultimate challenge for a bad set of knees.


#3  World Bicycle Relief Fund (international)

Why?  One bicycle can change an entire community.  The WBR provides a cottage industry and new transportation that changes lives in many countries in Africa.  With the bikes, student school attendance is up 28%; community healthcare volunteers make 45% more patient visits; dairy farmers increase deliveries by 25%.  One bike is just $147.  With that bike you will change a life.


Thanks for your support!

Robin & Doug Robertson

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