Learn Directly from America’s Knee Health and Fitness Expert Robin Robertson

Hi, I’m Robin Robertson, creator and founder of the Healthy Knees Coaching program. I know all about knee pain. I was born with mis-shaped cartilage and had my first open-knee surgery at just 13 years old. By age 24 I was told that my arthritis was so advanced that I must stop all impact activities immediately if I wanted to walk when I was 30. As a competitive high school and collegiate runner and recreational skier, this was life-changing bad news. Not one to take “NO” for an answer, I traded my running shoes for a bicycle and haven’t looked back. Since then, I’ve ridden over 50,000 miles, competed in road and mountain bike racing, bicycle toured around the world, and have modified countless exercises to create a way to live a happy, healthy, active life.

Healthy Knees Was Born Out of My Love for Living Life to the Fullest

I developed the Healthy Knees Coach program to share my in-depth knowledge with trainers like you so that you can help your clients make a change of a lifetime – giving them renewed hope that they can live life with freedom of movement. With Healthy Knees Coach, you can give your clients the best chance possible to live a life with reduced – or even no – pain and help them to prolong or even avoid surgery. Healthy Knees Coach is not just for those who have joint problems, but it is smart training for those who want to avoid hip, knee, and ankle issues.

What do you do with a client that can’t lunge, can’t squat, can’t run, can’t jump? (Due to knee or hip pain)

what-doPut them on a bike! But not just any old way…discover the specific techniques to become the go-to expert on knee health to exercise safely while protecting and strengthening their joints. Finally, you’ll have the knowledge of how to help your client break the cycle of fear and pain and experience success in their training.

Quit repeating the things they can’t do. Make your clients feel like they are doing THE exercise, not the modified exercise. A lot of people avoid exercise or feel stupid or left out because they cannot do it.

With Healthy Knees Coach, your clients can do IT, and do it fully. Not in some sucky modified way (sorry, that comes from my own experience of not getting to do what everyone else around me can do because of my knees); your clients benefit from a method that offers progression, not regression from someone else’s starting point. Injured athletes want to return to the sports they love. Boomers are looking to stay fit and active well into their 90’s.

Don’t let your client’s injuries become an excuse to take an absence from their wellness. Give them new hope and life for their injured or “old” knees. This is why I created Healthy Knees Coach – to educate, inform, and certify dedicated professionals like you who want to serve the huge market segment of people battling knee, hip, and ankle pain.

HK Coach Training Includes the Expertise and Support You Need

Grow Your Demand and Potential Client Base Through Specialty Training

Who would you rather hire, the general practitioner, or the medical specialist? HK Coach designation will help you become a specialist and expert in a “niche” market with huge and growing potential. Go from giving unorganized classes to offering a premium program with organized, periodized training where your clients are well cared for, will see measurable changes, and will stay loyal for years because it’s fun and they get results.

Apply Your Specialty More Effectively

Whether you have a passion for working with mature clients, or a love for teaching cycling – the extra, qualified attention you give to each of your clients will help them to feel more confident in their abilities. You’ll learn simple techniques and specialty skills to give you the expert confidence to observe and

Free Tip Sheets!

10 Critical Things You Need to Know About Teaching Clients with Knee Pain

correct cycling form for each client. As a Certified Healthy Knees Coach, you’ll have access to planned progressive programs with the workouts already designed for you. You’ll attract a loyal crowd who know you will give a superior quality experience.

Apply Your Specialty More Effectively

There are many methods for leading a cycling class and frightfully few address the needs of those with aching joints. Whether you are new to cycling instruction or already hold a certification on one of the many methods, the Healthy Knees Cycling endorsement will advance your knowledge and expand your ability to create a program for an entirely new and loyal audience.

The advanced and specialized training protocol of the Healthy Knees Cycling Specialist and Coach certifications will train you in methods that you can apply to all of your cyclists, not just those with knee injuries. You’ll be elevated from a basic cycling instructor to one who offers in depth knowledge of a proper bike fit, giving comfort suggestions to your cyclists, and with parameters for pedaling to support healthy knees. Plus you’ll learn the essentials of how to design a class to attract the clients you want.

Our Program Will Teach You These Essential
Healthy Knees Elements:

  • Bike Fit: How to properly fit a bike for optimal body position and biomechanics to protect your clients’ knees, back, and pelvic areas.
  • Pedal Stroke Dynamics – Go beyond “just pushing down” to leverage all 3 other beneficial phases.
  • Pedal Speed and Force – Protect your clients from the dangers of too slow, too fast, or too hard.
  • Guide New Cyclists & Weak Clients – How to help your most tender clients feel comfortable and safe quickly so they’ll keep coming back.
  • Better Coaching – Learn how to improve the performance of any cyclist at any level.
  • Heart Rate Training – Learn how to assess client heart rates ‘on the fly’ and how to use their numbers to determine their optimal workout.
  • Selling Healthy Knees Coaching – How and when to apply your new coaching skills and implement your programs to grow your revenues.